Investors warned: 1973 BMW 3.0 CSI


“Attention investors/collectors” is the title of this ad, in order to notify them that this is not a cheap classic but almost a blue chip classic car which has been priced fairly.


And indeed we must admit that, if this car (chassis #2265223) is as good as it seems, it has been actually put for sale at a reasonable price as we’ve often seen similar cars for sale in the 45-55k range. This is painted in Chamonix White and it has also a cool set of 16″ Alpina wheels which fits this car very well.


BMW E9 enthusiast know well that the problem with this cars is the rust which hide behind the front fenders and under the shock absorbers domes, but this car doesn’t show any apparent sign of the rust cancer. The blue velvet seats look good as well as the engine bay, even though someone had the bad idea of painting the intake manifold and air filter box in black, but that’s a minor issue. Find it for sale at $34,000 here in Hermosa Beach, CA.


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