Fair price: 1961 Cisitalia-Abarth 850 Spyder by Allemano


“Spyder” is not a typo: actually we’ve checked the period sale brochure and, indeed, Cisitalia called these open cars “Spyder”, just like the Porsche 550 RS. Strange indeed.


Back to this particular car, we suspect that this could be the same car we’ve published here some months ago but we’re not sure of it, so let’s think at this car as a different one. What makes us be suspicious is the fact that these cars were built in Argentina and few of them were imported to Europe, so finding two identical cars is a rare thing.


The car looks in good condition, first of all it looks correct in every way, at least through the photos provided, it is for sure  a car well cared which has undergone a light restoration in the ast but the outcome is not bad. We guess that, seeing the car with the magnifying glass, it would need some fixes but it probably could be driven as is. We wonder if the engine is the original one: the burden of proof is up to you. Find it for sale at €38,500 (today $45,000) here in Sint-Truiden, Belgium.


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