Nardi equipped: 1956 Alfa Romeo 1900 Berlina


Lately we’ve seen an increasing interest around the 1900 even if this is a four door car, aybe that’s because this car still belongs to the golden era of Alfa Romeo.


Indeed it is pushed by the glorious 1900 c.c. DOHC engine, the father of the great “Bialbero” family lasted for over 50 years: the main difference is that this is not an alloy engine then it’s heavier than its successors.


The seller of this car says only that the car is almost complete, so it would be interesting to know what’s missing, in the meantime we can see that this seems a solid car, probably never left outdoors; interiors look complete, including a beautiful Nardi steering wheel which is valuble and restorable for sure. On the other side, the engine bay looks very correct even though apparently the air filter is missing. Find it for sale at €23,000 (today $24,600) here in Floridia, Italy


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