Swiss white: 1958 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce “Confortevole”


In 1958, when the production of the first Sprint Veloce ended, Alfa Romeo planned the production of a small batch of cars (more or less 200) with slightly different features.


These 750E series had indeed the same engine of the first SV, fed by a couple of Weber DCO3 carburetors, but mated with some more “civilized” features among which there were a couple of “regular” door windows (still made of Perspex), and bigger headlights.


This particlar car (chassis #AR1493E*06481, engine #AR1315*30972) was sold new in the U.S. by Hoffman Motor Co. but had a full restoration in Germany between 2008 and 2010 and seems almost flawless: it still has a set of Borrani Bimetallici (two-metals) rims, immaculate interiors and an engine bay which is almost at a concours level. Only the tires look undersized but that’s not a defect at all. Find it for sale at €148,000 (today $158,000) here in Zurich, Switzerland.


3 thoughts on “Swiss white: 1958 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce “Confortevole”

  1. This car is listed in the Giulietta Sprint Veloce Register. There is a page of older photographs and a bit of history. I just updated the page to show this information and photos. Thank you for posting this car!


  2. You are correct in that there are pages that are not working. I am in the process of adding a lot more cars to the registers (4) so that is taking my time. When I changed servers some time back some of the links didn’t make it over. So I will get on the index page and check the links. Also I am finding some of the old coding from when I first started is not working, so a lot of the pages are being totally rewritten. Interesting to see how the registers have evolved in my own file keeping system of now about 800 cars world wide.
    Here is the link
    Thank you for a great blog spot!


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