Black bumpers: 1968 Simca 1200S Coupé by Bertone


These special Simca dressed by Bertone have been apreciated a lot during the last years so they’re not so easy now to find at an affordable price, however there is still something around.


This car (chassis #J92522F) was probably born red, differently from many others which were usualy painted in more “elegant” colors: the seller doesn’t say anything about this shade ut we’re pretty confident that it’s he original one, even though it has been resprayed for sure.


Few are the photos provided by the seller so we can’t see the engine bay, the front luggage compartment or the undercarriage, however the seller says that the car is solid and that the only big work could be on the rear wheel arches which have been widened. The bumpers have probably lost their chrome so they’re panted black now; on the other side interios look nice and correct. Find it for sale at €13,950 (today $14,800) here in Naarden, Netherlands.


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