Mauled: 1969 Alfa Romeo Duetto 1750


This Duetto 1750 is actually a rare car as not many of these have been built with this displacement which is, according to many, the best road engine of the sixties.


I personally had a GT 1750 Velce and that’s actually an extraordinary unit, plenty of power and with a revvy character, so no doubt about it, the problem with this car is that ot os missing half of the engine: head and ancillaries are missingalong with many other parts of the car which seems a carcass in the middle of the forest.


The seler says that this car, once restored, is a better investment of chip and bonds and we partially agree with him, the problem here is that the car needs everything: parts, rotisserie body work, interiors and, a true problem, the soft top frame. Still interested? Find it for sale here in Wallingford, CT, with bidding at $1,000 and no reserve price.

2 thoughts on “Mauled: 1969 Alfa Romeo Duetto 1750

  1. Seller is wrong. This car will require over $60k in professional restoration and at least a year or two to complete. It really should be a brand new car after that provided it received expert care. Or you can spend similar $$ on a fully restored one and enjoy one right out of the box.

    A ’69 Series 1 1750 was the last Alfa I owned. Great car, and no, I didn’t buy it new ))


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