Black and white: 1965 Porsche 356 SC


Sometimes we’re pretty astonished by how many 356 still in restorable conditions keep coming out from nowhere, even after 20 and more years of huge revaluation, and this one is one of those.


That’s a 356 SC (chassis #130685), the most powerful model of the 356 breed (with the obvious exception of the ultra rare and ultra expensive Carrera 2) and, as just said, in need of a total restoration. We’ve to say that, apart from a past crash on the rear left corner, the car looks in pretty good conditions.


It is said to be a two owner car (the last one since 1975) which already had the transmission rebuilt: by the way the seller doesn’t mention the engine number: that’s a fundamental detail as the engine, along with few minor other detail, it’s the real difference among a “C” and an “SC”. The seller says also that he has a lot of spares (not included in the asking price) collected in the past 40 years. Find it for sale here in Ramona, CA, with a b.i.n. price of $40,000.

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