Auto burgundy: 1972 Maserati Indy 4.9


The body is right, interiors are right, engine is right too on this rare Indy with the 4.9 liters engine of which only 300 were made from 1971 to 1975.


The only “detail” which purists will not like about this particular car is that it is equipped with a Borg-Warner three speed gearbox, honestly not the best unit to enjoy this car. However, the 4.9 engine is so plenty of torque that you hardly will feel the need of a manual gearbox.


The car looks very nice and, as the seller says, had recently a respray: the paint actually shines and the color combo is beautiful. Everything on this car seems right and in good conditions and, last but not least, the price is right. Find it for sale at $68,000 here in Lincoln, AZ.


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