The special one: 1960 Fiat 500 N Sport


This is the second time we see a 500 N Sport for sale, and that’s because this is a very rare 500, much rarer than any Abarth version.


As long as we have published another one, let us reprise what we’ve already said: soon after the launch, in 1957, the Fiat 500 was not performing well on the market (that’s almost impossible to believe) so Fiat decided to put on the market a sport version which should have focused the spotlight of the press and the public on the new car: the outcome is the Sport made in two version: the ragtop and the rigid roof like this one (called “Berlina”). We don’t know how many of these were built with their special engine type 110.004 ( new camshaft, increased compression and bigger valves) but for sure very few still survive: you can search for years without finding one for sale. This one has one only photo and few details but it’s for sure worth an inspection. Find it for sale at £28,000 (today $35,000) here in Macerata, Italy.

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