The rarest of them all: 1958 Fiat 500N Sport


Our friend Alex has shown us the rarest version of the Fiat 500: It is called Sport and it is speculated that only 2 (other than this car) are around nowadays. Compared to this model, an Abarth 595 is a commodity.


Soon after the launch, in 1957, the Fiat 500 was not performing well on the market (that’s almost impossible to believe) so Fiat decided to put on the market a sport version which should have focused the spotlight of the press and the public on the new car: the outcome is the Sport made in two version: the ragtop and the rigid roof (called “Berlina”).


Other than two large red stripes on the sides, the Sport had more power: the engine (type 110.004), thanks to a new camshaft, increased compression and bigger valves, produced 21.5 hp, a huge 30% more power than the standard version. The problem is that this model was the 30% more expensive than the stock version as well, so few of these cars were sold, and even less still survive. This car is fully restored and certified too, so the asking price doesn’t astonish us. Find it for sale at €55,000 (today $60,500) here in Broni, Italy.

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