Start right: 1963 Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint


The 2600 Sprint has always been the Cinderella among the Alfa Romeo production of the sixties: ok it is a coupé but it never had the “sporty” attitude of the GT stepnose and so it has been underrated so far.


So far indeed: up to a couple of years ago you could find nice specimens below €30k and cars to restore at €10K, but we’re actually seeing that the more the time passes, the less cars we see at an affordable price. You’d be very lucky today to find a good car too restore under €20K.


This particular car indeed it’s a right starting point in order to begin a restoration job: the seller says nothing about the origin of this car but what’s almost sure is that this car was born white with blue interiors which is a nice color combo. The car has been completely dismantled: the seller says that it is almost complete, other than being a dry specimen: the undercarriage looks actually good. There is a good amount of work to do here but, at least, you know where you’re starting from. Find it for sale at €20,900 (today $22,000) here in Bochum, Germany.

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