Solid and even rarer: 1959 Autobianchi Bianchina Trasformabile Special


This is not the “common” trasformabile but a rare special version featuring the engine type 004 which was the same installed in the Fiat 500 Sport which you can see here.


The chassis of this car is the type 110B which is also different by the common type 110 of the “normal” Bianchina Trasformabile: the seller says that both these numbers match but unfortunately no photos of both numbers have been provided.


The car looks quite solid: it seems that basically everything is there with the exception of some external trms like the front emblem and the passenger side aluminium trim near to the rear wheel, plus one missing on the driver side. It is isaid that 1,500 only of these cars were built so this is actually a rarity. Find it for sale at £8,500 (today $11,000) here in Woodbridge, Ontario.


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