Solid and rare: 1967 Fiat 1500 GT Coupé by Ghia


We admit that the name on the title is not 100% correct as this model was actually built by Ghia without any commission by Fiat, however in this way it’s easier to match the origin of this car.


This is the same model of car we’ve published several times: we published, a while ago, another green car for sale – in much better conditios than this one – for months at $27,000 and no one wanted it. Of course time is a gentleman and now this car has got the respect which it deserves as it is a stunning example of  italian car design of the mid sixties.


This particular car is built with U.S. specifications: he seller says that only 50 cars came to the U.S.A. so it is very rare, it is one of the last cars built in 1967 and t’s in fair good conditions. The floors have been fixed (not the best job ever) but, apart from this and the big painted stripe on the body, the car is mostly correct and complete: get it before it’s too late. Find it for sale here in Mahopac, NY, with bidding at $11,000 and reserve not met.


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