The strange one: 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider


This is what happens when someone wants to improve what basically cannot be improved, as it’s perfect just as is. What we have here is a Giulia with a new face.


The seller says that this is a ’66 Giulia (chassis #AR392415) but we don’t have any info about Giulia Spider built after the ’65, probably 1966 is just the first registration year but not the production one. Unfortunately, the modification on this car are not limited to the front end.


Indeed interiors have been completely modified with aftermarket seats and all the cockpit wrapped in a bespoke upholstery; a roll bar completes the interiors. The engine is not the riginal one anymore but it comes from a 1750 c.c. car (it is a type 548), on the other side the wheel hubs have been modified in order to accomodate a set of knock-off, wire wheels (not Borrani, unfortunately). Finally, the undercarriage is way far to have the stock look and the Ferrari badgse on the front are included. Find it for sale here in Brook Park, OH, with bidding at $3,350 and reserve not met.


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