Déco luxury: 1947 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Sport Cabriolet by Farina


The years across the Word War II were those which saw the birth of the most luxurious cars even made, and for “luxurious” we mean the bespoke craftsmanship and the attention to details.


One of the best example of this philosophy is this Alfa 2500 Cabriolet built by Farina coachworks in 1947: it is said that two only specimens like this survive of three made; one is in the hand of the known italian collector Corrado Lopresto, the other one is here. The car was designed by Michelotti in collaboration with Revelli de Beaumont who designed the futuristic dashboard along with its “onboard computer” which looks like a steampunk item.


The Lopresto’s car is blue and has steel wheels but this one has wire wheels: the wheels are the only things on this car which somehow is not right to us but, whatever they’re correct or not, it’s a minor detail. What’s good is that the car looks correct in basically every detail and, believe it or not, the asking price is not scary for a rare and special car like this is. Find it for sale at €295,000 (today $317,000) here in Brescia, Italy.


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