Two in a row: 1958 Abarth 750 Spider by Allemano


Two cars built by Allemano are better than just one, so here it is a small roadster built by Allemano, this time using a Fiat 600 chassis.


The starting point was, as just said, the Fiat 600 chassis and engine but of course this last one, as a tradition for Abarth, had a little boost thanks to an increased displacement (up to 750 c.c. as the name says), a different head and a special camshaft, along with the famous Abarth exhaust system and a bigger carburetor.


The result was not a powerful car but a nimble and light roadster mostly used to race with other stock-derived cars. This particular car was one of those: many of the parts installed when the car was new are not with it anymore, just like te engine which is not original, on the other side the seller says that the car comes with a correct engine other han the one installed. Find it for sale at $45,000 here in Lake Forest, IL.

2 thoughts on “Two in a row: 1958 Abarth 750 Spider by Allemano

  1. Yes it is for sure the same car, although now it’s more “detailed”. Two years ago it looked too much “rough”, today it’s almost at a concours level and the price is of course higher.


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