French fiberglass: 1960 DB HBR 5


French car builders often used fiberglass to build their sports cars: it’s not a “noble” material such as aluminium, used mostly by italian coachbilders, but it’s light, cheap and easy to use.


The DB (which is for Deutsch-Bonnet) HBR5 was a car built from 1955 to 1961 with a fiberglass body and a Panhard derived engine which is a two cylinder aircooled unit with a bigger two-troath carburetor, an increased compression ratio and a different profile camshaft. With these tricks the power output increased from the stock 42 hp to 58hp, enough to push this car up to 100 mph (165 kmh).


This particular car is basically a preserved specimen, we guess that it has been repainted some time but the rest of the car seems pretty original: interiors and engine bay are not the best in the world but look correct and that’s an important feature. Find it for sale at €60,000 (today $70,000) here in Chagny, France.


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