Form & Function: 1939 Citroén TUB


We know the vans built by Citroen after the Second World War, but we had never seen one built before.


A van – we have to say – far ahead for the time both for the shapes and for the general organization of the overall dimensions which allowed a considerable load capacity, certainly at the first place of its category in 1939: this thanks to a series of intelligent solutions.


That fundamental was certainly the adoption of the same floor as the Traction Avant which, thanks to the front wheel drive, allowed a loading platform without bulks, in addition to a advanced cockpit position so as to allow a ton of load capacity. Despite this, perhaps due to the outbreak of the war, just under two thousand were produced: it is a very rare van to be found especially in the conditions to be restored. Find it for sale at €28,000 (today $31,000) here in Dijon, France.


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