Long time racer: 1959 Abarth 750 Spider by Allemano



This Abarth 750 spider has a long time race history and, even now, it’s still hungry for races.


Of course this car is not a rocket, its engine produces something around 40/45 hp but they’re enough to push this light car which is even smaller than you suppose: these are very tiny cars but, just for this reason, they’re very agile and fun to drive.


The conditions of this car are very good: of course it’s not in the original configuration but the aluminium body looks in very good shape and very well cared during the years: the Campagnolo alloy wheels fits well on this car but there are also the original wheels, strenghtened for racing. There are also other original parts like the soft top chassis and other bits which comes with the car: you decide if put them back or not. Find it for sale at $37,500 here in New Milford, CT.

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