Limited delivery: 1965 Fiat 500 Pickup by Giannini


This car is speculated to be one of only three still surviving pickup out of 55 ever made by Giannini: we have never seen one so far.


Actually we didn’t know that Giannini made a pickup based on Fiat 500 platform (which Giannini knew very well); indeed we believed that, back in the sixties, Giannini’s work was about tuning whatever they had in their hands: we were wrong and that’s the proof.


The car is said to be completely restored and that it was used in an italian TV commercial about 10 years ago. We’ve seen some details which are clearly wrong and should be fixed, however this car remains a true collector piece. Find it for sale at €18,000 (today $19,000) here in Roma, Italy.

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