Many millions: Ferrari 250 stash



You know…when the classic cars market is yet overinflated, what else to do? Just inflate it a little bit more!



What we have here is  a bunch of Ferrari 250 in need of a total restoration and, moreover, they are not even complete: particularly the 250 spider is basically a body and a chassis, with some parts like seats and few things more.



There are also a couple of 250 GTE and a rare 250 by Boano/Ellena (so with the high roof): also this car is largely incomplete: probably there is the engine but we don’t know more than this. So, the asking price should be correct for the same cars sold togheter but in perfect conditions: actually these cars need at least another million Euro to be restored, if and when you manage to find all the parts you need: good luck! Find it for sale at €3,000,000 (today $3,180,000) here in Mondovì, Italy.

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2 Responses to Many millions: Ferrari 250 stash

  1. 3500GTI says:

    The problem here is that the missing parts will cost as much as the car! See the comments from Paul de Turris in this month’s Octane about the restoration of the butchered 250 GT he did a few years ago. 3500GTI


  2. Classicvirus says:

    Indeed. The asking price for this bulk is simply ridiculous. 1.5M would be a “reasonable” price.


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