Handle with care: 1959 Abarth 750 Spider by Allemano


We’ve seen other Abarths 750 Spider for sale in the past years but this (chassis #100478497) is clearly the one in worst conditions ever.


That’s because this car has been for sure abandoned to elements and not in an enclosed space: the chassis metal is basically gone and whoever gets this car must be very careful to handle it because, as it hasn’t even the roof to hold together the front and the back end, its chassis would be very prone to bend. That’s a shame as this car was for sure very complete before being abandoned.


Few are the things which could be preserved: the instruments are gone, the Nardi steering wheel simply can’t be fixed and the engine installed is a Crosley: this, although not being the original equipment, is a rare piece (it has a double carburetors setup) and could be repaired. Of course, if your intentions are about making this car as original as possible, there are some specialists in Italy who could provide a correct engine block for this car: it wouldn’t be cheap. Whatever the new owner will decide about that, he will have a long and hard work to do on this little spider. Find it for sale here in Brook Park, OH, with bidding at $2,075 and reserve not met.

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