Former racer: 1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT Veloce

ScreenShot006This Giulia Sprint GT Veloce looks now ready for a full restoration after, as it seems, a long life among rodeos.


Indeed this is a car which, although it looks dry, had some modifications to its body in the past like the flared fenders and the front spoiler: it was probably a racer during the seventies or eighties and then it has been abandoned.


The other good thing about this car is that interiors still look original (the GTV seats are different from the Giulia Sprint GT as they are the same of the first GTA). The dashboard is still in the car and so the original steering wheel: door panels are detached but there. The bad about this car is the lack of the original type 536 engine: you’ll need time to find one. Find it for sale at $5,000 here in Monroe, LA.

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