Bet on red: Two 1959 BMW Isetta


The strange think about these cars is that we’ve often seen them for sale paired: we can’t understand why; it’s like they absolutely need a companion.


This couple is made by two cars in very different conditions: in our opinion one car can be saved while the other one will not have an happy ending: of course the red one is a proper project and, moreove, it has a ragtop which makes it more desirable. Maybe the red one doesn’t need a huge investment to hit the road again.


The red one is also more complete: it seems that it miss nothing so that means less money to find the spare parts around the world: the two stroke engine doesn’t need a wizard to be rebuilt, and so the suspensions. Now both cars are very tired but once restored they could be the the leading actors of every car show. The asking price is $11,000 for the red one and $3,500 for the yellow one. Find it for sale here in Danville, VA.


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