Between #2 and #3: 1972 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000


It’s not usual too see and Euro spec car like this one in the U.S., indeed the seller says that this car has been imported from Canada (and before from France).


This car has been overhauled with many new parts: the seller says that the engine has been entirely rebuilt following the original specifications; suspensions have been rebuilt too along with brakes  while interior benefitted by a new  sound and heat proofing installed. Then this car has new carpets, new seat covers, new headliner, and new seat belts.


Of course the most visible improvement (for many, not for everyone) are the GTA replica rims installed which always look good on the 105 series. The paint has been redone by the previous owner and it’s, of course, red. Basically a very good car (even if we can’t see any photo of the floors) which is rated by the seller in Hagerty’s condition between #2 and #3. Find it for sale at north of $30,000 here in Raleigh, NC.

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