250 from launch: 1956 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider


This early Giulietta Spider carries a three digits chassis number: it is the #250 to have seen the light out of the Portello factory.


It was sold new to Hoffmann in NY and then it was white as the old paint on the dashboard tells us; nothing else has remained of that white which was probably mated to a red interior: actually this car has both seats and panels which look new: they’ve been probably installed before putting the car for sale.


It looks unusually sollid for an unrestored Alfa of this age, and also straight everywhere with the little exception of the rear lid which doesn’t seem original with the car. The seller says that the engine is only few numbers far from what is reported on the engine bay plate, and that it was probably a mistake of the factory: we too believe to  the “mistake theory”, it was quite usual for Alfa in that period. Find it for sale here in Portland, OR, with an active bidding and a b.i.n. price of $38,500.

One thought on “250 from launch: 1956 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider

  1. Judging from the badly painted engine compartment and the paint under the sway bar mounts, it was originally red and then painted white. Looks to be a fine example to restore.


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