Cheaper is harder/3: 1972 Dino Ferrari 246 GTS


Two days, two Dino: this is the time of the blue-blooded (and painted) Ferrari and, moreover, it has a removable roof too.


Of course the word “cheap” makes you think at a car who could be afforded by an average person: no, this isn’t the case. Indeed this is still a Dino Ferrari and, from what it can seen, it is in wonderful shape ave if some more photos would have been welcome, especially for who is going to spend a lot of money. The color is beautiful and, as a GTS, it also is more valuable than the GT, the seller says that the car is fully restored and indeed the engine bay looks so clean that you could eat on it, but to understand the real conditions of the car two photos are not enough for sure. On the other side, try to find in the world a cheaper Dino: it is a very hard task. Find it for sale at €265,000 (today $297,000) here in Messac, France.

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