Paint everywhere: 1965 Fiat 1500 GT Coupé by Ghia


That’s the first time we see a 1500 Ghia painted in this dark red shade: not sure if it’s the original color but it fits this body very well.


It’s a project car for sale by one of our favorite seller; they’re specialized in Porsche but often they have also some italian gem like this one wich, of course, needs a total restoration: the previous owner didn’t put much care onto the repaint so you can spot the red paint also on the carpets.


The good is that the car looks complete: it seems that very few things are missing but the important parts, especially the interior trims, are still with the car and that means less time and money needed to souce them; Unfortunately we don’t see the rear bumper and that is a serious problem as it has a curved shape. However the overall look is solid and that’s the first thing to consider when facing a project like this. Find it for sale at $22,900 here in Costa Mesa, CA.

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