One third of Ferrari: 1965 Asa 1000 GT Coupé


The Asa 1000 is known by Italian cars nuts as “The Little Ferrari” and the reason is simple: the engine is basically one half of a 3000 cc. V12 Ferrari engine less a couple of cylinders.


Indeed Ferrari, one of the best marketing men ever existed, accepted to provide ASA with this unit but he didn’t want any “Ferrari” signature on it. Said so, this is a four cylinder unit with a 1000 cc. displacement which produced 100 h.p., a remarkable achievement even nowadays.


My father used to drive the same car 50 years ago as a (wealthy) friend of him had one: he remebers with joy those moments even if he tells that the engine was basically dead under 4000 rpm. This was, back them, a toy for rich boys as it costed the 50% more than a Giulia Sprint GT Veloce (which was not chep by itself). Even now this car is not cheap, at least for a 1000 cc. car: this one seems beautifully preserved: of course it has been repainted but interiors look very original: there is also a roll-bar probably because it was used around a track for few times. Find it for sale at €110,000 (today $123,000) here in Cremona, Italy.

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