Special head: 1939 Fiat 500B Barchetta by Marino

Marino Brandoli, one of the many Turinese personalities who dedicated their professional life to tuning on a Fiat base, was famous for his cylinder heads which improved the efficiency of Fiat engines.

In fact, in the past we have seen other special cars based on Fiat with engines developed by his shop: generally they were all cars purchased by private individuals and modified to participate in road races, very popular (and legal) in Italy from the 30s to the 60s.

We don’t know who built the bodywork of this 500B, yet the style, in particular we are referring to the front grille that hides the headlights, is nothing new to us. The most important thing is that the car still retains the cylinder head from which it takes its name, a little jewel which, according to the tuner, brought the maximum speed to 95 km/h (from 85 which was the maximum speed of the original car ): a significant increase. Find it for sale at €55,000 (today $57,000) here in Roma, Italy.


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