Engine stash: 1967 Abarth OT 1000

When a Fiat-Abarth is involved there is always that shiver down the spine when evaluating its originality, however the seller has published a photo of the title where it is clear that this is an original Abarth.

What is not original is the quantity of badges on the nose, in particular on the front grille and in particular we refer to that “1600” badge that dominates. Obviously one immediately wonders what the latter has to do with the car, but the mystery is revealed by the owner himself.

The car is in fact sold together with three engines: two 1000 c.c. plus one 1600 c.c. unit probably already installed in the car. It is not known whether one of the two 1000 engines is the original one, but there is always time to ask the seller. Otherwise, the car is said to be without any rust or filler whatsoever; it is equipped with beautiful Campagnolo magnesium rims and has the typical Abarth instruments cluster in the cockpit. Find it for sale at €69,500 (today $72,000) here in Riva Del Po, Italy.


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