Never on the market: 1937 Fiat 500B Sport Barchetta


The seller of this barchetta built on a 1937 Fiat 500 says that he purchased this car in Italy some years ago as a full project, he restored it and that this is the first time that this car is on the market.


At a first sight we believed this car to be a modern recreation but we changed our mind after having seen a period photo poster by the seller itself:  the photo made in 1947 shows the car at the Circuito delle Cascine road race near Florence, Italy. Other than that, the car is said to be registered in the book “La Sport e i suoi artigiani” by Andrea Curami and Piero Vergnano, probably the most important book ever about the 1937-1965 italian race cars of the “Sport” class: you are lucky if you find one for sale.


Back on the car, it has been clearly restored and we guess with much attention to details, it has been equipped of everything to make it road legal and that’s a Mille Miglia elegible car: we dare you to drive this little barchetta for such distance. Find it for sale at €75,000 (today $93,000) here in Netherlands.


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