Texas blue: 1971 Maserati Mexico 4.7


This is one of the 174 (out of 482) “big block” Mexico ever built, indeed most of the mexico produced have been equipped with the smaller 4.2 litre engine.


This one, moreover, has the best color ever made for any maserati: the “Celeste Chiaro” (pale blue) is almost a trademark for the Maserati of that era and it was often called by many Maserati experts, including Ermanno Cozza, as the “magic color”. Other than the blue, this car has a cream leather interior: you can’t ask anything better for a Mexico.


This seems a very well maintained specimen, clearly imported from Europe, which doesn’t seem restored: we guess that the paint is not the factory layer but that’s absolutely understandable as the original paint has probably gone yet twenty years ago. The seller says that the car had an extensive mechanical reconditioning, including carburetors and brakes. Findit for sale here in Boston, MA, with bidding at $45,200 and reserve not met.


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