Style isn’t cheap: 1956 Alfa Romeo 1900 Super Sprint


This is the umpteenth Alfa auctioned by the same seller: he also sold a couple of 2500 in the past. All these cars needed a big restoration but they all were in fair conditions.


This is the time of a 1900 Super Sprint (chassis #1900C.10468) which, as the old Alfa Romeo papers say, has been sold new in Mexico and, who knows after so many trips, has finished its travel in UK.


It is basically a complete car, missing only (as the seller says) the air filter and front side lights lenses. The first thing that jumps to eye is that the floors are amazingly solid (probably due to the dry climate of northern Mexico), but the whole car looks solid with few rust spots. Of course you will not know the thruth until you bring the body to bare metal, but for sure the starting point is good. Said so, the work needed is huge and the asking price is not low. Find it for sale at $135,000 here in Surrey, UK.



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