Still in the barn: 1957 Aston Martin DB2/4


We didn’t ever think to see an Aston Martin still in a barn and, most of all, in a barn situated in France.


This DB2/4 is said to be a 1957 car, so it has been made during the last year of this model and it’s called MKII, ore second series. Unfortunately this ad features the bare minumum for a car of this level for sale: few photos of bad quality and basically no description; maybe the seller doesn’t like too much chatting.


So what we can see is that this looks like a car to restore, probably missing one headlight and front grill. We don’t even spot if this is a LHD car: the photos are so dark that’s basically impossible to understand. So we don’t even know if the 3 litre engine is still with the car. It looks however looks like a very good candidate for a restoration, even if the asking price is everything but low. Find it for sale at €150,000 (today $197,000) here in Silligny, France.


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