The Boring job: 1965 Glas 1300 GT


Ok, this Glas is not as rare as its later cousin, the BMW 1600 GT, but it is basically the same car and still it’s not common at all.


After having put down a brief history of Glas, the seller says that this car is mostly complete; the left fender has been repaired in the past and the car should have common rust issues, but not big deals about it.


More important is that the glasses are not cracked as they are extremely difficult to source. The seller says also they didn’t try to start the car as the engine is still equipped with a 50 y.o. belt: actually this engine has a chain-driven distribution. Whatever it is, this car needs a full restoration but it’s a worthy car if the winning bid, of course, will stay below clouds. Find it for sale here in Boring, OR, with bidding at $2,650 so far.

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