Matching number project: 1964 Maserati Quattroporte


In the year of Maserati Centennial it is quite mandatory to publish at least one Maserati per month.


This is the time of a 1964 Quattroporte (the seller put “1965” into the title nut then he says that it is a ’64 car) which need a lot of care and work to shine again. The good is that it’s a matching number car and, more than that, it looks old, tired but basically untouched: every bit seems to be in its place with no exceptions.


However, this car needs several hundred of work hours: even more than a more valuable Ghibli or Mistral in the same conditions, so we believe that the seller can’t hope to get much more than the $42,000 of the actual winning bid which, for us, is yet a huge price for this car. Find it for sale here in Delaplane, VA.

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