The diplomat’s car: 1971 Puma Spyder 1600 GTE

It is not easy to see these cars outside of Brazil, where they were produced, and in fact this car arrived in Europe thanks to a Brazilian man.

The seller says this was originally the car of the Brazilian ambassador in Paris and has been in his family for many years. This is a rare first series and, by the way, we had always seen this car in the coupé version (or berlinetta, you decide the category), but never in the version with the soft top.

As many of you already know – or imagine – the chassis, suspension and engine of this car are Volkswagen, but this example is equipped with the 1600cc engine producing 90HP: not bad for a car weighing 900kg. Clearly, and also according to the seller, this car has been fully restored and in fact looks like it just left the factory. Find it for sale at CHF 43,500 (today $48,000) here in Reinach, Switzerland.


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