To be completed: 1970 Fiberab Aztec

Ok, we agree that maybe “completed” is an understatement, however, technically, the car is there.

From what we understand, it is a Fiberfab Aztec built on a platform – for a change – Volkswagen Type 1 (better known as Beetle). This was probably once a running car, since the wheels, headlights and drivetrain are already installed.

Through the windshield it was also possible to glimpse the lid of a dashboard, but since there are no specific photos it is basically impossible to understand in what condition the interiors are (and if they are currently installed). Ideed, the seller says that there is a passenger seat, but the brakes, tires, and a hydraulic ram to open the roof are missing, but it comes with the engine of a Corvair. Of course there is a lot of work to do, but in the end the cost/aesthetics ratio of this car is low. Find it for sale at $6,500 here in Menifee, CA.


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