A little TLC: 1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT Veloce

Let’s say that perhaps a little tlc – as claimed by the seller – is perhaps an understatement to bring this beautiful Gulia Sprint GT Veloce back to life, however there could be excellent grounds for a restoration.

The seller also says that this car is registered as 1968 and this is probably true, but certainly in 1968 this model was discontinued, the last ones produced are from 1967, so we assume that the year of production is 1967 (but it could also be the 1966). Apart from these details, the car seems to have a nice color combination, with the exterior being ‘Dark Pine Green’ and the interior – as far as we can see – being ‘Wild Boar’.

The car is dirty, very dirty, and has a set of Fergat wheels typical of the Giulietta/Giulia Spider as well as a visible dent on the front, certainly not due to an accident on the road but to some handling of some heavy vehicle while it was parked. Also evident is a patch on the right front fender, just past the wheel arch. In short, there is work to be done, but the car deserves it. Find it for sale at $19,500 here in Cincinnati, OH.


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