Half papers: 2 x 1969 Alfa Romeo Spider 1750

There is a lot of work to be done here: not so much for the condition of both cars – yes, there are two – but, precisely because both should be fixed.

One has the title and the other does not: it will certainly be the new owner who will decide what to do with the one without a title: if you have the right channels it is certainly possible to issue a new title and then decide what to do with the car. The good thing is that although both are clearly to be restored, the condition of both does not look dramatic.

Also, the seller says he has a lot of spare metal parts for repairs, which is by no means a detail given that in recent years the metal parts for these cars have also experienced a significant increase in cost. Finally, both transmissions and one of the two engines are said to have been rebuilt. The only constraint is that both are sold as package deals so not individually, the good thing is that the asking price is more than fair. Find both for sale at $27,000 here in Vacaville, CA.


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