Seller submission: 1964 Neckar-Siata 1500 TS Coupé

In the automotive world, Finland is renowned for giving birth to some of the greatest racing drivers in the world and for having a strong passion for engineering in general. It was therefore no surprise when Jarmo, one of our readers, submitted to us, on behalf of a friend of his, a rare Siata 1500 Coupé to be restored.

It is a Fiat-Siata produced by Neckar, a german automobile manufacturer which produced Fiat vehicles under license at a plant acquired from NSU in Heilbronn; sold new in Finland to Tapio Wirkkala, a Finnish designer and sculptor, a major figure of post-war design (we were also provided with the photo illustrating the delivery of the car to the designer). It seems that at the time of delivery the car was not in the current color but silver or in any case a light color, but this is not a problem as there are certainly still areas of the car that still have the original color to reproduce.

The car seems to have rust in the “usual” spots and this is nothing new: although it has been well kept, it has always lived in an area where the climate is certainly not hot and dry and the consequences are there, however there has been having said that apart from the headlights (which we believe to be the same as the Fiat 1500 Berlina) and the hubcaps, the car is complete and indeed from the photos it looks just like that, including the owner’s manuals.
The car is located near 28100 Pori, Finland, and the asking price is €22,000 (today $25,000). You can contact Jarmo for any further information using the form below.


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