Still bubbles: 1959 Abarth 750 by Zagato

This is a “technically” rare car but it is amazing how many examples of this model have been recovered in the last ten years, and some are still popping up.

As we have indeed already written in the past, the historical (and therefore economic) revaluation of classic cars in general has meant that on the one hand they became not very affordable by ordinary people, or by enthusiasts with limited economic abilities, on the other hand, this has prompted many to save many cars that otherwise would have been abandoned to rot in some courtyard. In summary: it doesn’t matter for what reason you do it, as long as you do it.

The seller of this example to be restored is not very generous with words to describe this Abarth: he merely says that the car must be restored (quite evident) and is complete with all its parts. However, it is not enough that the car is complete: in particular the engine components must be the original ones and to understand this, unfortunately, you need an expert on the subject. Find it for sale at €57,000 (today $66,000) here in Prato, Italy.


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