Italian psychedelia: 1974 Drag II by Greppi

A universal law that no one will ever be able to contest is: you never stop learning; we continuously verify it in our niche.

In this case it is the discovery of a car which they did not know existed; ok you say, it is one of the many “Dune Buggy” inspired by the Meyer Manx built almost everywhere and from a certain point of view you would be right, however this was built by Greppi, one of the most famous Italian coachbuilders. We inquired about the subject and discovered that at the beginning of the 70s Greppi built three models made of fiberglass: the Safari, the Smach and the Drag II (the one in our article). This still has the original black license plate and a fantastic psychedelic paint, very period-correct.

The car looks almost new: as often happens the seller has described the car little or nothing, however we see an excellent paint job (new or done in ’74?), An engine that seems rebuilt and a nice interior of which, however, we do not share the steering wheel whose appearance clearly clashes with the rest of the car; the wheels that are very beautiful and homogenize well in context deserve a mention. Find it for sale at €23,900 (today $27,500) here in Cogoleto, Italy.


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