Forgot masterpiece: 1949 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 by Riva


I remember to have seen this car in my literature, along whith other one-off Alfa Romeo, and I often wondered what happened to them. Well, this one is here, still beautiful even in these conditions.


It’s a one off car with a body crafted with aluminium by Riva, a shop near Como, Italy, not as known as firms like Vignale or Pininfarina but still capable, as you can see, of building spectacular cars. This particular car has been commissioned by the gentlemen driver Guido Cattaneo, using a Gilco chassis.


Bought by an american enthusiast in 1975, the car has remained in the U.S. where someone has probably made an attempt to restore it, with the outcome that you see now: the car is almost completely disassembled, there are many parts in boxes and we really can’t understand the reason why someone could have deleted the air vents on both front fenders.


We can’t even imagine the colossal amount of work to bring back this special Alfa to its original glory: not ony for the hand work needed, but also to make deep historical investigations in order to make a proper restoration. The asking price? Ask Mr. Rapley here. That’s a wrap for 2017, so happy new year to everyone!


2 thoughts on “Forgot masterpiece: 1949 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 by Riva

  1. The Riva bodied Catteneo-Alfa is called “Le Serenissima” and is currently undergoing a complete restoration back to it’s 1950 specifications and original Livery at Rare Classics Restorations in South Florida USA. It was acquired by a noted collector of coach built post war Italian autos VIA Daniel Rapley from Bob Tucker earlier this year. During Mr. Tuckers tenure with the car he gathered many of the missing Alfa-Romeo components and began restoring the body and chassis to it’s original configuration.

    If anyone has any information or period photos about this unique automobile we would like to speak with you.

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  2. Hi Jon, my suggestion is to contact Gianfilippo Salvetti, founder of the Alfa Blue Team, who has a lot of sources about these special Alfas. Try to shoot him an email: salvetti at enniosei dot it


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