50 years owership: 1960 Maserati 3500 GT by Touring


A representative of one of the most elegant cars built in the sixties needs a lot of help as no one took care of her for a long time – despite a 50 years ownership – and of course years have taken their toll.


Of course this model, because of the aluminium body, don’t have the usual problems of the cars of the same generation but there are still many parts which need to be fixed and, needless to say, they’re very expensive and difficult to find.


This is said to be a matching numbers car but the whole top end is missing and that’s not a good news. There are also some interiors parts missing and that’s even a worse news but, after all, this is a very good candidate for a very good (and expensive) restoration. Find it for sale at $129,500 here in New York, NY.


One thought on “50 years owership: 1960 Maserati 3500 GT by Touring

  1. Good luck to the brave man who takes this on. Based on my own experience (1) it will be rotten because the aluminium panels react with the Superleggera tubing and turn to white powder and (2) missing parts are stupidly expensive (if you can find them at all). My advice to anyone wanting a 3500 is either buy one already restored (it will be cheaper) or at least make sure you have a car that is complete!


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