Cut away: 1954 Siata 1100 Coupé by Vignale


The Siata 1100 built by Vignale was a rare car even back then in the fifties, so it’s quite unusual, today, to find one still in restorable conditions.


We don’t know the exact build year of the car as the actual plate was issued in 1963 but these were built from 1954 to 1958, nor we know if this car was built on a 1100-103 “Normale” or on a more valuable TV engine and chassis.


Of course these cars are pretty and not that hard to restore, the major issue with this one (the first owner was a member of the Marzotto family, well known by Mille Miglia enthusiasts) is not a little thing: this poor baby’s roof was once cut away in order to transform it into a cabriolet, so the new owner will have the riddle to rebuild the roof with the correct shape: not easy at all. Find it for sale at €48,000 (today $58,000) here in Napoli, Italy.


2 thoughts on “Cut away: 1954 Siata 1100 Coupé by Vignale

  1. According to the document on ad, from italian vehicles public register, the car had a previous license released in Rome, possibly 204475, that matches the period indicated, July 1954.
    Chassis is 1100-103 068683, engine seems 068828.
    In July 1963 the car was sold to a Vicenza district person, hence the new VI license plate.
    Have an happy good year,
    Giuseppe Maranghi – Laveno (Italy)


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