Streamliner: 1935 Fiat 508 C Berlinetta Mille Miglia Aerodinamica

In the 1930s (but also later) it was thought that a “streamlined” line was also aerodynamic: the science of fluids has however proved to be often counter-intuitive.

The tapered tail (or boattail), on the other hand, creates turbulence that is harmful to the car’s aerodynamic resistance and is therefore not only poorly indicated but also harmful to performance. Certainly, however, there is also that the cars built in those years with a line that seems inspired by the wind, are beautiful to look at and in fact their market value suffers.

What you see here is one of the very few (probably ten or less) Berlinetta Aerodinamica built on a Fat 508 C chassis (mostly known as Balilla) with the aim of competing in the Mille Miglia, but this particular specimen has never seen the most beautiful race in the world except for a 1977 edition which obviously had little to do with the actual competition. Fully restored (and we also think it is right) it has its original engine and is ready to be proudly displayed by its next owner. Fnd it for sale at €295,000 (today $342,000 here in Grumello, Italy.


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