German survivor: 1958 Mercedes-Benz 190 SL

The seller says this 190 SL is a survivor with 54,000 original miles and is therefore a virtually unique specimen.

Indeed he says he bought this car in 1991 from the original owner and all the parts of the car, engine, transmission, interior, soft top are the ones with which this 190 Sl came out of the Stuttgart factory: the car is photographed with a German plate but we do not know if it is there only for aesthetics or if it is the plate with which it was registered in Germany.

If it were really all original this would be an extraordinary specimen: the only areas showing the age of the car (considering only the photos) are the engine compartment and the seats whose skin is cracked, but otherwise it looks as beautiful as a car restored no more than thirty years ago. Find it for sale at $145,000 here in Portland, OR.


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