Mini rig: 1952 Fiat 500C Furgoncino

If you go around with a Lamborghini people will look at you and they will hate you, if you go around with a Fiat 500C people will love you and compliment you: this is – more or less – what Jay leno claimed in one of the episodes of his Youtube channel.

We can only agree with this statement, especially since we tried it on our skin: in our case it was an Alfa Romeo GT Junior for which we never stopped receiving praise, the situation was very different with a BMW 2800 CS which, despite being objectively a beautiful car, was practically ignored. Let’s go back to the merits of the article: in this case it is a rare Furgoncino (“van”) version of the 500C, evidently recently discovered and dragged out of the garage where it had been sleeping for many years: the paint still looks like the original one or at least yes. it is a repaint from many decades ago. what is positive is that it looks – even though there are only two low quality photos – a healthy and original car that has never been disassembled and therefore is very promising. Find it for sale at €11,000 (today $12,800) here in Catania, Italy.


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